JAHI of Enemy Radio And PE2.0 Soars At Dynamic Presentation At Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

Frontman for the Chuck D created PE 2.0, Rapper/Lyricist Jahi has added to his musical serving of sizzlers off his last album, Oceanview. with not only a new book, The Microphone Journeyman Influences, Messages, and Notes From The Stage, but a globe encompassing lecture tour including Africa and beyond. Now you can get informed, edutained, and hip to the growing Jahi movement by catching him live. First, he began with the Performer/Authoring for Black History Month on February 7th, 2020 at 7 PM at the and Roll Hall of Fame for An Evening With Jahi- Hip Hop CultureXEducation: An interactive dialogue and discovery presenting Hip Hop as a world culture with life-affirming principles using videos, audio, narrative, demonstration, and performance. It was phenomenal attended by many including labelmates and heads Chuck D and C-Doc.

Follow up this informative event by locking in February 22, 2020, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm to see the international Hip Hop artist and activist at the Koret Auditorium for An Interactive Hip Hop Lecture + Demonstratio with Jahi. Offering an engaging lecture, demonstration, performance, and "musical call to action,” he highlights the intersection between Hip Hop culture and education. Jahi will talk about the connections between music, history, Hip Hop culture and art. This event is perfect for adults, families, and children of all ages who want to know more about Hip Hop. This program is part of Koret's Free Saturdays celebration of the exhibition, Soul of a Nation. Connect at: IG: @mcjahi Tw: @hiphopeducate Web: iamjahi.com

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