The Catalog

Jahi as PE2.0

Jahi as PE2.0 - The Catalog
  • Label: SpitSlam
  • Catalog Number: SS2048LV
  • Release Date: July 3rd, 2019

    PEople Get Ready
    A call to action song dedicated to community activists. The first release of PE 2.0 with video filmed at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

    CRWDRCKRS feat. KRS-One
    Classic boom bap with Easy Mo Bee on production. Intelligent party rocking music.

    A DJ Pain One track that speaks about the current injustices with a positive outlook that good will survive over inequality.

    World Beat
    A freestyle verse about the truth that we are world citizens a part of a culture that is all over the world.

    Louder Than
    A cover tribute to the greatest Rap Group of all time, Public Enemy.

    Like Yo pay attention. A song that calls out the continued loss of innocent lives by law enforcement. Calls for an end to police brutality

    Three Words
    My favorite song on the Catalog produced by Jazzmarc in Cleveland, Ohio. Inspired by speeches by Minister Louis Farrakhan. Freedom. Justice, and Equality

    Beautiful Wonderful
    My Rock & Soul tribute to black women over a Sophisticated beat.

    It’s About Time
    My critique of the current educational system with a call out for better culturally sound education.

    BLK Thesis with KRS-One
    My tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement with the blast master KRS-One. My Dr. John Henry Clarke flow.

    1 People Get Ready featuring Chuck D
    2 CRWDRCKRS featuring KRS ONE
    3 Survival
    4 World Beat
    5 Louder Than A Bomb
    6 YO! featuring Chuck D
    7 Three Words
    8 Beautiful Wonderful
    9 Its About Time
    10 BLK Thesis featuring KRS ONE

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