No Tablecloths

Professor Daddy-O

Professor Daddy-O - No Tablecloths
  • Label: Odad Truth Records
  • Catalog Number: OTSS2044L
  • Release Date: June 4th, 2018
    No Tablecloths is a phrase adapted from Daddy Os' Haitian wife noticing in America there were restaurants that actually served food with No Tablecloths. Says Daddy O “Society and Hip Hop is experiencing the same fate. We have taken off the Tablecloths, and thus abandoned our class and taken devastating shortcuts. This album is what folks talk about need s to be changed, I'm just saying it out loud, with some sense of solution of course.”
    1 No Tablecloths Intro
    2 Shootin Like A Beatbox featuring SG
    3 Bullets
    4 Played Out
    5 Ballas fraturing AZ
    6 Haiti featuring Marsha Bolton
    7 Mr 9-5
    8 Blasphemy
    9 Pull Ya Pants Up (Negroes Are Dead)
    10 Moonlight Sonata (The Stroke Of My Pen)
    11 I Suppose
    12 Gunz N Sneakers featuring Money Makin Nique
    13 Diddy Was In Diapers (HEARDRIGHT)
    14 Scott LaRock Knew It
    15 Wash Ya Azz featuring Keysa
    16 I Suppose (Reprise)
    17 Shootin Like A Beatbox (Save Our Children)

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