Retina MC Can You See Her? Releases NEW Fantastic Album

Retina MC has released her second SpitSlam album 'Can You See Me Now'. Its rhymes and beats and dance explosion at its best. This project was originally written strictly for placements in TV, Commercials and Movies. “ I would just watch TV and come up with songs that would relate to what I was watching“ Says Retina about what inspired her on some of the song topic's.“

Every song was inspired by my interpretation of art“ says Retina when asked are these songs personal? One song on this project is super personal to Retina. BORN INVISIBLE is a song about her life growing up with a drug addicted mother and a father who abandon her to be a great father to three other children.

BORN INVISIBLE is an R&B look into the early life and pain of a child who felt invisible. This project is fun and relate-able the title says it all. When asked about her choice for the title of the project Retina responded “ I've lived my life so afraid to be seen or forced not to be seen, I wanted to ask CAN U SEE ME NOW? Fun love and real life this project is all that. Love yourself!“

Check out the ChannelZero release page for all available places to buy and stream.

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